AI Impact on Job Opportunities Survey

This survey investigates the integration of AI in the workplace, the areas where AI has most significantly impacted job creation, whether it has led to the creation of specialized roles, and how organizations address potential job displacement due to increased AI adoption. This was achieved by surveying over 2000 businesses in a variety of industries, including ecommerce, tech, manufacturing, health, finiance, telecommunications, Hospitality, Retail & professional services. 

AI Impact on Job Opportunities

To what extent has your organization integrated AI and automation into its business processes?

  1. Limited integration - 18%
  2. Moderate integration - 44%
  3. Extensive integration - 31%
  4. No integration - 7%

In which areas of your organization have you observed the most significant impact of AI in creating new job opportunities?

  1. Customer service and support - 38%
  2. Research and development - 24%
  3. Operations and logistics - 27%
  4. No significant impact observed - 11%

Has the implementation of AI led to the creation of more specialized and higher-skilled job positions in your organization?

  1. Yes, significantly - 0%
  2. Yes, moderately - 4%
  3. No, not significantly - 49%
  4. No impact on job specialization observed - 47%

How does your organization address the potential displacement of jobs due to increased AI adoption?

  1. Retraining and upskilling programs for affected employees - 19%
  2. Redeployment to new roles within the organization - 12%
  3. Collaboration with external job placement services - 9%
  4. No specific measures in place - 60%

Which specific industries or sectors where you believe AI will take away job opportunities in the next 2 years?

  1. Manufacturing and production - 21%
  2. Administrative and clerical roles - 42%
  3. Healthcare and medical services - 0%
  4. Information technology and software development - 37%

Which specific industries or sectors where you believe AI will create job opportunities in the next 2 years?

  1. Information technology and software development - 0%
  2. Data analysis and artificial intelligence research - 88%
  3. Renewable energy and environmental sectors - 12%
  4. No anticipated job creation due to AI - 0%



A key component of our initiatives at Ecommerce-Recruitment entails the execution of data surveys and studies, aiming to provide our audience with valuable insights across diverse domains. Our emphasis extends from the technology sector and exploration of the Ecommerce industry to thorough examinations of the job market. All research findings are openly available on Ecommerce-Recruitment, and we guarantee public access to the datasets, with the condition that proper accreditation is acknowledged when incorporating our data into any published work.

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