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Welcome to Ecommerce Recruitment, your dedicated partner in sourcing exceptional e-commerce talent for your business and digital marketing agency. With over ten years of navigating the ever-evolving ecommerce landscape, we bring unparalleled insight and proficiency to the realm of E-commerce Recruitment. Our team comprises of seasoned professionals who have not only flourished within their own ecommerce ventures but have also played pivotal roles in assembling high-performing teams for various businesses and agencies. This proven track record has solidified our position as a trusted and respected authority in the industry.

Unlocking Ecommerce Excellence with Ecommerce Recruitment

In the fast-paced world of ecommerce, the right talent can make all the difference. Ecommerce Recruitment's commitment to excellence, proven expertise in traditional recruitment, and tailored solutions position us as the premier partner for your digital marketing agency recruitment needs. By tapping into our extensive network of professionals and thought leaders, you're not just filling roles – you're building a team of top talent and high performing individuals who will drive your business toward sustained growth and industry leadership. Discover the power of an executive search with Ecommerce Recruiters and optimize your conversion rate in just a few business days.

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Remote Workforce Solutions:

In an era where remote work is becoming increasingly integral, E-commerce Recruitment offers cutting-edge solutions to harness the power of virtual assistance. Our remote workforce offerings are meticulously designed to seamlessly integrate skilled professionals into your ecommerce operations, irrespective of geographic barriers. From Virtual Assistants proficient in managing administrative tasks to remote experts specialized in customer engagement, our talent pool covers a broad spectrum of roles. By tapping into the potential of remote work, you can achieve enhanced operational efficiency, reduced overheads, and the flexibility to adapt to changing market dynamics.

E-commerce Recruitment Agency

Ecommerce Leadership Expertise

At Ecommerce-Recruitment, we understand the pivotal role that leadership plays in charting the course of ecommerce success. Whether you're in search of a forward-thinking Chief Digital Officer, a visionary VP of eCommerce, or a strategic Head of Digital Strategy, our service offerings encompass a wide array of leadership placements tailored to your unique requirements. These leaders bring with them a wealth of experience and insights, ensuring your ecommerce business is poised for sustainable growth, innovation, and industry leadership.

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Digital Agency Prowess

Ecommerce-Recruitment is your partner in fortifying your digital agency's prowess. We recognize the critical role that roles like VP/Director of Digital Marketing, eCommerce Marketing Manager, SEM/SEO Manager, and Email Marketing Manager play in amplifying your online presence. By meticulously selecting and placing these professionals, we empower your agency to drive targeted traffic, enhance brand visibility, and foster customer engagement. Our focus on aligning talent with your digital marketing agency's goals ensures that you're well-equipped to navigate the intricate landscape of digital marketing agency recruitment and emerge as a trailblazer in your industry.

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Strategic Site Merchandising

In the highly competitive world of ecommerce staffing, strategic site merchandising holds the key to captivating and retaining customers. Ecommerce-Recruitment offers a cadre of specialists, ranging from Directors of eCommerce Merchandising to Brand Managers and Customer Experience Managers. These experts are adept at curating immersive online shopping experiences that resonate with your target audience. By strategically placing the right products in the right spotlight and optimizing user journeys, our site merchandising professionals help you achieve higher conversion rates, increased customer satisfaction, and sustainable growth.

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Navigating Marketplaces and Retail

Ecommerce-Recruitment understands the dynamic interplay between online marketplaces and traditional retail. Our service portfolio includes VP/Director of Amazon & Retailer roles, Amazon Channel Managers, eCommerce Channel Managers, and Digital Shelf Managers. These specialists possess a deep understanding of the nuances of various marketplaces, enabling you to establish a commanding presence. From crafting effective channel strategies to optimizing your products' visibility and placement, our experts empower you to harness the full potential of both online and offline retail spaces.

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Efficient Fulfillment & Logistics

Efficient fulfillment and logistics are the backbone of successful ecommerce operations. Ecommerce-Recruitment brings aboard seasoned professionals such as Directors of eCommerce Logistics and eCommerce Fulfillment Managers. These experts are adept at streamlining supply chains, optimizing order fulfillment processes, and ensuring timely deliveries. By partnering with us, you're equipping your ecommerce business with the tools to provide exceptional customer experiences, enhance operational efficiency, and effectively manage the complexities of logistics in the digital age.

E-commerce Recruitment Agency

Creative Brilliance & User-Centric Design

In the digital realm, aesthetics and user experience reign supreme. Ecommerce-Recruitment's portfolio includes creative visionaries such as eCommerce Art Directors, Creative Directors, Graphic Designers, Interaction Designers, and UX/UI Designers. These experts are dedicated to elevating your brand's digital identity through compelling visuals and user-centric design principles. By infusing creativity and functionality, they ensure that your ecommerce platform stands out, engages visitors, and guides them seamlessly through their online shopping journey.

Shopify Recruitment

Shopify Enthusiasts and Amazon FBA Conquerors

Ecommerce-Recruitment recognizes the unique challenges and opportunities posed by specialized ecommerce models like Shopify and Amazon FBA. Our network includes professionals who possess an in-depth understanding of these platforms, ensuring that you have access to individuals who can navigate the intricacies of each model. Whether you're seeking guidance on Shopify store optimization or looking to excel in the world of Amazon FBA, our experts are equipped to guide you toward success.


I was seeking reliable virtual assistants to handle both administrative tasks and customer service inquiries for my growing business. From the initial engagement, Ecommerce-Recruitment demonstrated a keen understanding of our requirements. This significantly streamlined the hiring process, saving us valuable time and effort.

Founder of Learning for life therapy services

I engaged with Ecommerce-Recruitment to find a full-time web developer and adwords specialist for Tiger water solution, and the experience was exceptional. The team's responsiveness and dedication were evident throughout, leading to the successful recruitment of skilled professionals.

Director at Tiger water solution

George and his team have a no BS approach with a rare level of transparency. You know if they give someone the green light then its well worth looking into. Highly recommend his team to everyone who is seeking recruitment services

Founder at Growth Shop

Ecommerce-Recruitment proved to be the perfect partner. Their team's dedication and understanding of our needs ensured we found an outstanding social media manager who has been instrumental in propelling our brand across multiple platforms.

Manager at Hourglasswaist

Our Ecommerce Recruitment Process

We start by understanding your exact staffing needs. Your business is unique, so we take time to learn about your goals, culture, and challenges. Our team gets to know your business inside out, finding candidates who match your vision and strategy.

With 10+ years in the field, we've built a vast network. This includes talented pros with diverse skills. Whether you need a graphic designer or a social media expert, we connect you with the right fit for your needs.

Identifying potential candidates is just the beginning. Our meticulous talent acquisition process ensures we find the best. We assess skills, experience, cultural fit, and passion for e-commerce. We're here to help you find dedicated resources for your success.

We simplify recruitment for you. Rely on our experts and save time. No need to sift through resumes or endless interviews. Our team handles the hard work. You focus on growing your ecommerce business for lasting success.

Shopify Recruitment

We're an Official Shopify Plus Partner

As accredited Shopify Plus Partners, our recruiters undergo thorough and continuous training in Shopify Plus. They possess specialized knowledge in the essential skills required for eCommerce teams to thrive on this platform.

Within our extensive network, we connect with skilled eCommerce professionals who bring valuable experience with Shopify Plus. Let us assist you in growing your business by recruiting top-tier candidates who are exceptionally qualified for your eCommerce team.

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George Moulos

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George Moulos - Ecommerce Recruitment Agency: Your trusted partner for over a decade, originating in Sydney. With a Forbes 30 Under 30 accolade, we bring a decade-long wealth of experience in ecommerce and online M&A, from agency leadership to empowering digital businesses worldwide. Operating across Australia, Europe, and the USA with offices in Sydney, London & New York, we're your global solution for ecommerce triumph.